The display industry’s first fully open standard specifying HDR quality and performance in the PC space.

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     Craig Wiley discusses the latest DisplayPort news with Tom’s Hardware

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VESA’s display interface compression standards, including DSC, assure visually lossless performance.

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The VESA Learning Center features the latest information on VESA standards (including DisplayHDR). It also includes presentations. See the latest SID Vehicle Displays Symposium and Asia Workshop presentations, YouTube videos, Display Stream Compression Test Results, white papers about Mobility, DisplayPort, Multi-Stream, Compression, and much more, including our FREE STANDARDS.

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VESA Introduces New DisplayHDR True Black 600 Performance Tier

VESA Introduces New DisplayHDR True Black 600 Performance Tier Targeting Higher Luminance HDR Levels for OLED and other Emissive Display Technologies First DisplayHDR True Black 600 certified products announced by ASUS BEAVERTON, Ore. – September 2, 2021 – The Video Electronics…

DisplayHDR True Black 600

视频电子标准协会(VESA)推出新型DisplayHDR True Black 600性能等级,完善OLED和其他发射显示技术的高亮度HDR认证  华硕发布首批DisplayHDR True Black 600认证产品  2021年9月7日,俄勒冈州比佛顿--视频电子标准协会(VESA®)今天宣布为其DisplayHDR True Black 高动态范围(HDR)规范和标准增加新的600性能等级。在得到广泛采用的VESA高性能显示器和显示兼容测试规范 (DisplayHDR)的基础上,本次新增的DisplayHDR True Black标准专为有机发光二极管(OLED)和未来的microLED 显示器等发射显示技术进行了优化。与现有的DisplayHDR和DisplayHDR True Black 400及500等级相比,新增的DisplayHDR True Black 600等级亮度更高。DisplayHDR和DisplayHDR True Black是显示器行业首部全开放标准,分别针对LCD和发射显示器的高动态范围(HDR) 质量制定了规范。 VESA今天还宣布,已有三款产品通过了最新DisplayHDR True Black 600性能级别认证,分别是华硕 Vivobook Pro 14、Vivobook Pro 14X和Vivobook 15笔记本电脑。华硕在今天举办的一场公司活动中正式推出了上述三款产品。 华硕个人电脑业务部负责人Rex Lee表示:“华硕自豪地宣布,公司旗下的Vivobook Pro笔记本电脑系列配备了业界首款通过VESA DisplayHDR True…

VESA Addresses Use of Illegitimate DisplayHDR 2000 Logo

SAN JOSE, Calif. – During the past week, the Chinese retail website Taobao has listed two display products that have a VESA certified “DisplayHDR 2000” logo – an updated Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor as well as a new Acer EI491CRG9…

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