The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) invites non-members to participate in the newly formed VESA Automotive SIG (Special Interest Group).

The initial charter of the Automotive SIG is to discuss use cases and requirements for various automotive display applications. The longer-term goal of the Automotive group, likely to become a VESA task group, will be to either (a) incorporate these requirements as expanded features into the DisplayPort (DP) or Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard, or (b) publish a separate Automotive-specific display standard that references the DP standard, similar to how the eDP standard is structured today.

We are seeking active participation of automotive OEMs and tier-one and tier-two suppliers to work on use cases and requirements.

If you are interested, please submit an Interest Form, and if approved, we will provide you with the details of participation. We hope you can join us.