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General VESA FAQs

Q: How do I order VESA Standards? How much are they?

A: Some VESA Standards are offered electronically in PDF format on the public VESA website for no charge. Download

Q: How do I obtain other VESA Standards, such as DisplayPort 1.4, which are not listed on the public VESA web site?

A: All VESA DisplayPort Standards are available only to VESA members, and they are downloaded in PDF format from the VESA member-only web pages.

Q: Other than having access to VESA Standards, what other benefits come with have a VESA Membership?

A: As a Standards organization, VESA is atypical in that all VESA members have equal access to all work groups, proposals, and draft specifications. VESA typically holds about ten different work group meetings per week, covering various VESA Standards, and typically has one or two PlugTests per year open to all members.

Q: How do I become a VESA member? What is the cost?

A: The membership application is on the website. Complete the application, having the financial portion signed by an authorized person, and mail, scan and email, or fax it to the VESA office. The fee structure is based on annual sales revenue as explained on the application.

Q: To join VESA, can I provide a PO number now and send payment later?

A: No, VESA cannot accept POs. Membership applications are processed when full payment has been received. Payment for standards or membership fees may be made by check, credit card or wire transfer.

Q: When I try to run my game in MS-DOS, I get the message ‘No VESA Drivers Found’. Can you send me a driver?

A: VESA does not provide drivers of any type. Contact the manufacturer of your system/game.

Q: I would like a list of products that were designed according to VESA Standards. Could you provide me with such a list?

A: Yes, VESA does maintain a list of consumer oriented DisplayPort certified products on the DisplayPort website. Developer DisplayPort certified products can be found here. Products certified to the new DisplayHDR standard can be found here.

Q: We are designing a 15 inch TFT monitor cabinet and wall mount bracket. Does VESA have a standard for the wall mount bracket hole?

A: Yes, the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) Standard contains the information you need. It is available for free download from the public VESA site. Download

Q: How do I get a Plug and Play ID?

A: Click here