We have developed the following FAQ to help answer questions. If your question is not covered, please contact moderator@vesa.org.

Why require membership for logo use?

A: Requiring VESA membership to use the DisplayPort logos assures that OEMs are leveraging the latest specification, which provides a consistent experience for consumers, and encourages PlugTest attendance and participation.

Additionally, the membership requirement helps to further VESA’s mission. A growing and active membership helps to support VESA technical development, enablement and promotional infrastructure. All of this leads to VESA remaining a driving force in the technology industry.

How do member companies prove compliance and secure usage of the logo?

A: Once compliance testing has been completed, and a product has passed, a report providing the successful test results and demonstrating that the proper methodology was followed, should be provided to VESA. After approval is given and a trademark license agreement is signed, logo usage will be permitted. If VESA’s test requirements do not address a specific use case or component, a waiver can be requested.

What component types must adhere to the logo policy?

A: All DisplayPort system component types are subject to the logo policy, including the following:

• Sources

• Sinks

• Passive Cables

• Active Cables

• Cable Adapters

• Branch Devices

• Certified Test Hardware

Where can I get my products tested?

A: Compliance testing can be performed by the OEM, a third party testing house, or another vendor. For VESA members who have their own testing environment, a self-test option is be available or all product types, however, the same requirements surrounding submission of successful test results and a methodology explanation to VESA will be required before logo usage will be permitted.

Where can I find the documents that discuss the logo policy?

A: All of the documents are in the DisplayPort Logo Requirements folder in the VESA WorkSpace. You must be a member to access the documents.