There are currently more than 300 corporate members of VESA worldwide and the group continues to grow. VESA members have the ability to:

  • Ability to certify and use DP logos on DisplayPort Certified products and list products on DP website.
  • Ability to certify and use DisplayHDR logos on DisplayHDR Certified products and list products on DisplayHDR website.
  • Exclusive access to all DP and related standards
  • Be an integral member of an organization that establishes the future direction of the display industry.
  • Maintain competitive edge by gaining knowledge of new technology standards initiatives as they are originated. Members receive access via password to the VESA Causeway Workspace and can utilize the on-line service to obtain up-to-date standards information and copies of published standards.
  • Network with industry experts from more than 300 leading PC and consumer electronics companies, and participate in state-of-the-art technical discussions during Task Group/Subgroup meetings, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
  • Stay informed about display technology efforts worldwide through VESA communications bulletins, announcements, technical papers and fact sheets.
  • Reduce design work and access standards implementation aids by attending VESA technology conferences, Task Group/Subgroup and general meetings, panel discussions, and other events.
  • Expand promotional opportunities by linking to VESA’s websites (, and being featured in VESA literature, press events/releases, trade show demonstrations, and other marketing activities.
  • Access to PlugTests to test the interoperability of products.

For more information on VESA Membership, please contact