There are currently more than 300 corporate members of VESA worldwide and the group continues to grow. VESA members have the ability to:

•Be an integral member of an organization that establishes the future direction of the display industry and influences important industry trends.

•Maintain competitive edge by gaining knowledge of new technology standards initiatives as they are originated. Members receive access via password to VESA Document Center and can utilize the online service to obtain up-to-date standards information and copies of published standards.

•Network with industry experts from 290 leading PC and consumer electronics companies, and participate in state-of-the-art technical discussions during subgroup meetings, online task group discussions and special interest groups (SIGs).

•Decrease manufacturing costs, increase reliability and productivity, and access global markets through participation in standards development efforts and members-only interoperability PlugTests and workshops.

•Stay informed about display technology efforts worldwide through VESA communications bulletins, announcements, technical papers and fact sheets.

•Reduce design work and access standards implementation aids by attending VESA technology conferences, task group and subgroup meetings, panel discussions, and other events.

•Expand promotional opportunities by linking to VESA’s web site ( and being featured in VESA literature, press events/releases, trade show demonstrations, and other marketing activities.

• Gain the ability to have certified products posted to, and websites

•Access to inexpensive PlugTests to test the interoperability of DisplayPort products. For more information on VESA Membership, please contact