The Member companies of VESA determined there was a higher standard for digital displays. A technology standard that would deliver the power and performance needed for the latest devices, without forcing users to replace all of their devices or requiring multiple versions of cables to access high performance functionality. A truly future-ready technology able to deliver the performance, speed and versatality needed for today’s technology and tomorrow’s.

VESA and the DisplayPort Task Group do not manufacture or sell DisplayPort products. The primary purposes of the DisplayPort Task Group are to develop DisplayPort specifications, manage the compliance and branding of DisplayPort, and to evangelize DisplayPort technology.

If your company is interested in or is using the DisplayPort technology, but has not qualified for compliance, don’t lose out. Please click here to learn about the benefits of compliance and how simple it is to assure your DisplayPort products operate as specified. If you would like to learn more about VESA and would like your company to have a voice at the table, join us at

DisplayPort Mission

Empower the DisplayPort standard and brand by encouraging Task Group members to engage
and innovate the Ultimate Digital Connection.

• The Task Group will define and drive preference for DisplayPort, the Ultimate Digital Display connection.
• Encourage compliance to ensure devices with the DisplayPort standard operate as specified.
• DisplayPort will be the most versatile high-performance solution, yet be economical so that member companies can deliver digital solutions at all price points.

DisplayPort Technology

DisplayPort is the Ultimate Digital Connection.

Performs: Delivers a true digital display experience. By delivering the fastest refresh rates, multiple display support from a single connector, the highest resolution and the deepest color depths, DisplayPort delivers the performance needed to get the most out today’s technologies like Blu-Ray or advanced 3-D imaging.

Simple: One USB-sized connector, Mini DisplayPort connector or full-sized DisplayPort connector deliver 32.4 Gbps through one slim plug and play cable. DisplayPort technology enables ultra-thin displays and networks easily, even at distances up to 15 meters (49′).

Versatile: Connects to virtually any device. Simple adaptors allow legacy devices with VGA, DVI and HDMI to connect via DisplayPort.