VESA® Launches Cable Adaptor Certification Program

-VESA Adds Dual-mode Cable Adaptors to DisplayPort Certification Program—Assists Consumers in Selecting Quality Devices—

Newark, CA., July 20, 2010 – The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced the availability of certification testing and DisplayPort Certified Logo for Dual-mode DisplayPort cable adaptors. Dual-mode cable adaptors allow a Dual-mode DisplayPort PC or graphics card to interoperate with DVI monitors and HDMI TVs. By launching the certification program, VESA enables consumers to easily identify cable adaptor products that have been tested and certified for proper operation via the DisplayPort Certified Logo on adaptor product packaging.

Certification testing is available for both DisplayPort-to-DVI and DisplayPort-to-HDMI Dual-mode cable adaptors. Certification testing is offered at no cost for VESA member companies through a contracted test lab. Certification testing is also available from Allion Test Labs in Taipei, Taiwan, and CESI Technology in Beijing, China for both member and non-member companies at a nominal fee.

The VESA DisplayPort standard was developed by the PC industry as the next generation display interface, eventually replacing DVI and VGA. To aid in the transition, the DisplayPort standard provides for interoperability with VGA, DVI, and HDMI displays via the use of simple adaptors. Almost all DisplayPort PCs with integrated graphics or discrete GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), offer this Dual-mode DisplayPort capability that is indicated on product packaging via the DisplayPort++ icon. When a Dual-mode DisplayPort cable adaptor is plugged into a Dual-mode DisplayPort PC or graphics card, the PC outputs either Single Link DVI or HDMI signaling to the adaptor.

Certification testing assures that these cable adapters function as intended, providing interoperability between Dual-mode DisplayPort PCs, DVI monitors, and HDMI HDTVs. Testing of Dual-mode DisplayPort cable adaptors follow the DisplayPort Interoperability Guideline Adaptor Checklist that is available for download at, under VESA DisplayPort Related Standards. It is recommended that developers of such cable adaptors review the checklist to assure both display interoperability and the ability to achieve adaptor certification. The Checklist verifies that the cable adaptor is implemented as per the current VESA DisplayPort Interoperability Guideline, also available on the VESA web site.

Cable adaptors that pass the certification test will be listed on the web site in the Consumer Site under the Products section.

For manufacturers who want to use the DisplayPort “DP Certified” logo on their product, packaging or literature and have passed certification testing, a logo license agreement is available at no cost for VESA member companies and $1500.00 (U.S. dollars) for non-VESA members. For more information, please visit or contact the VESA office.