VESA® Releases Updated Standard for Wide Notebook (16×9) Panels

Newark, CA – December 14, 2010 – The Video Electronics Standards Organization (VESA) today issued  the new updated standard for wide notebook (16×9) panels, to include additional thin panel specifications, including 10.1-inch, 10.1-inch thin, 11.6-inch, 11.6-inch thin, 13.3-inch thin (wide format) 16:9 panels. This is the third released version of the standard. The purpose of this standard is to assist LCD manufacturers and panel consumers to better control panel supply and demand cycles, as panels built to these specifications are enabled to be used interchangeably without requiring alterations in product tooling or the display module.

Version 3 of the 16 x 9 Wide Notebook Panel Standard can be downloaded free of charge at